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Okay, can anyone tell me what is better than being a non ugly dictator?

Duh, being a non ugly dictator and completely fabulous while doing it.

Let's do this.

How I would take over the world in under ten steps:
1. I'd call up my "cook" and ask him to make me a poisonous smoke that turns whoever comes in contact with it into a fabulous runway zombie model that in turn could slap someone and turn them into another runway zombie model.
2. I'd head to my nearest mall, poisonous gas bombs in my fabulous D&G tote from the 2004 Summer Collection.
3. I'd go to the place where the most people would be, in America, that's the food court. I KNOW, I KNOW.
4. Then I'd pull out the poisonous gas bombs (which happen to be glittery and feathery) and yell "Strike A Pose," tossing them into the air, but not before i cover my mouth with some cute scarf.
5. Once everyone turns into fabulous runway zombie models, i'll give each of them their own poisonous gas bomb to turn more idle shoppers into soldiers of my elite army.
6. Send each of them to a different mall, throughout the United States.
7. Take a plane to the Whitehouse and kill the President with a prada stiletto.
8. By this time, all of America will be turned into my zombies, so, i'll send them out to take over the world, while i redecorate the Whitehouse just in time for my inauguration.
9. Kill all the zombies by building runways into the ocean and playing techno/strutting music.
10. Create a new species of trendy humans since I had to use the rest for my army.

My first action as world leader would be:
Give all my trendy "newhumans" a lifetime subscription to Cosmo, Vogue, and GQ. Therefor, they are all bound to be trendy. If not, they go to jail.

Life would be different under my rule because everyone would become extremely trendy and shallow. And, with everyone worrying about fashion they won't have time to stage a revolt.

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