Emma (agentdarko) wrote in nonuglydictator,

1. How would you take over the world in under 10 steps?
Step 1. Spread nasty rumors among the world's leaders. (ie, "Kim Jong Il totally made out with Tony Blair's boyfriend. Oh no he di'in't!")
Step 2. Let them all go to war, blow each other up, yada yada, nuclear winter.
Step 3. Lure all the resulting mutants and shellshocked survivors into building me an intricate underground empire with promises of equality and clean water.
Step 4. Rule with iron fist.

2. What would be your first action as world leader?
Emo holocaust.

3. How would life be different under your rule?
The world would be transformed into a scorched, barren, post-apocalyptic landscape dotted with the occasional ruined metropolis and tiny village oasis. More importantly, EVERYONE WILL DRESS IN CLOTHING APPROPRIATE TO THEIR CLIMATE. Nomads don't wear thongs.

Anything else we should know?
I enjoy holding hands and long walks on the beach.

At least two pictures of yourself:

a normal one
an artsy one
and you'll see this coming...
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